Antivirus: A Good Way to Protect Your Computer

Computers and Internet have become ubiquitous nowadays. With the growth in the use of computers and Internet come problems also, in the form of identity theft, fraud, and the ever lurking danger of computer viruses. Viruses are computer programs designed to inflict havoc on computer users. It is a classic case of “minority of trouble makers ruining it for the vast majority of the rest of us.”

So what are the various types of viruses for us to worry about and to get anti-virus programs for?

Cyberspace hosts various types of viruses and virus look-alike requiring the protection of antivirus software. Examples of viruses and virus-like pests are worms, spiders, Trojans, spyware, adware and malware. Some can be innocuous but pesky while some can be so dangerous so as to siphon off sensitive information from your PC.

Spyware usually comes in through the Internet and typically comes bundled with application programs downloaded from questionable sources. What spyware does is to search through your hard drive looking for sensitive information such as social security information, credit card numbers, search histories and the like. You would need a good spyware remover cum antivirus tools to overcome spyware.

Antivirus software that can handle all these threats comes in widely varying price ranges ranging from the free to the ones costing several hundred dollars in subscriptions. What they do is both treatment and cure coupled with real-time scanning of incoming and outgoing files in your computer.

Major antivirus programs can usually repair the damage caused by the rampage of viruses on your computer, while maintaining a watchful vigil for newer ones that might try to creep in through unprotected ports and online activity. Most antivirus programs typically include an email plug-in designed to integrate with your email program.

My recommendation is to get a well known antivirus package but be willing to shell out a few bucks for quality. Popular ones like McAfee and Norton Antivirus do a good job of providing online and offline security. You can find these and other comparable softwares in computer and electronics stores such as Best Buy.

These programs also include online automatic virus signatures update that allows the program to update its virus signature database with the new evolving viruses being discovered everyday.